Marketing and Promoting Your New Book

War Unicorn has been published with Books We Love Publishing, LLC.


So how do you go about marketing and promoting, especially if you (like me) had surgery immediately after it was published? There are several sit-down ways to start your promoting. Here are a few to consider with your own new release:

  1. Update your website to include cover photo, short synopsis, and links to buy the book.
  2. Tweet it, post the cover on Instagram, shout your hurray on Facebook, or any and every other social media platform on which you are involved.
  3. Consider doing a book launch, a blog tour, and/or a physical book-signing tour. (Requires about thirty times more contacts for every one interested party, as well as much planning.)
  4. Seek reviewers. (Reviews are an author’s golden treasure.)
  5. Start contacting libraries, schools, bookstores, etc. for signings or speaking engagements.
  6. Do giveaways on Amazon and Goodreads (or others) to stir interest in your book.
  7. Enter your book in contests – however, only those which you’ve researched and know are ligit.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you go check out this new and fabulous MG fantasy by S.L. Carlson:



And if you are so inclined, please leave a golden token (review on Amazon or Goodreads). Happy reading!

More on Mad Marketing Skills

I just read an interesting post about marketing by Laura Wolfe:

I couldn’t have said it better myself, so if you’re interested, go there (after reading here, of course).

Three things I would like to add to Laura’s words of suggestions using friends to help you market (buy a book as a gift, give a review, etc.). Mine are more like a pre-list:

  1. It helps if you have friends (and/or family), the more the better;
  2. The writing has to be very, very, very good; and
  3. Start local (local bookstores, schools, libraries, etc.).

Also, if you don’t have a book published (yet), it’s never too early to start beefing up on your mad marketing skills so there’s no fainting or panic on your book release day.

Oh, and keep on writing!

Results of a Left-Brained Marketing Trip

Yesterday I took a five-hour drive, stopping at twelve places to see about donating or selling my middle grade book, THE TOWN THAT DISAPPEARED. Ninety-two miles in eighty-six degree heat. (Giving thanks for air-conditioned vehicles. Wouldn’t have been that way last summer.) The result: 3 books left on consignment and 7 given to libraries.

The sad news part of yesterday’s trip was going to three indi bookstores which had closed down. The great news from yesterday — and my last stop to make me float home — was a librarian who told me that they already had a copy of my book and the boys were reading it and circulating it all summer. I still left her a donated copy because I told her that was my plan. They’re going to use it as a raffle later this year. Libraries and librarians are so awesome.

Came home to work on the formating the text of a middle grade fantasy I hope to publish soon. And still on chapter fourteen on my Great Lakes sea adventure.

Note to self: Learn to separate marketing days from writing days. Perhaps the left brain can have the left side of the week and right brain can have the right side of the week. (But only my right brain knows what I’m talking about.)

Keep on writing!