Miss Snark’s First Victim Contest

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This week I’ve been involved in Miss Snark’s Secret Agent Contest, where an anonymous literary agent critiques submissions on line. (If you don’t know about Miss Snark, please check her out at http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.com/p/secret-agent.html  OR at  http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.com/  for this week’s first 250 words of a MG or YA completed novel.) Friend Rose told me about the contest. I subbed at noon on Monday, missed the first window by subbing too late (4 minutes after the hour v.s. 2; gotta be quick with these things), but made it in during the second window of submissions (by getting my email all set to go according to the rules, and keeping my finger hovering over the “send” key as I watched the clock change to 7 p.m. — a nice hint from Rose). I’ve be critiquing many of the subs, and just today the Secret Agent — oh, I wonder who s/he is! — has started commenting on them.

Interesting things learned from this experience:

1) I work well with deadlines;

2) I like clear-cut rules;

3) I enjoy reading first pages and the critical thinking involved on how a piece of writing could be improved;

4) I love writing communities;

5) I get to see if what I critiqued matches what a real-life agent has to say, and use his/her observations to improve my own writing.

Be brave. Enter contests. Learn from others. And keep on writing.

MG/ YA Writing Contest

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There are constests here and there, but here is one you may not wish to miss, especially if you write MG or YA.

Deborah Halverson is the author of the upcoming Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies (June 2011). She is the award-winning author of two teen novels, and has worn editing shoes for fifteen years. In celebration of her completed manuscript, she is giving away a free MG or YA critique. Your novel must be complete and must be under 80,000 words.

Check it out at: http://dear-editor.com/2011/01/19/newsflash-a-deareditor-com-giveaway-a-free-yamg-edit/

Good luck.

Highlights Fiction Writing Contest, 2011

Hey! Highlights Magazine has announced their 2011 theme: a fictional story of an embarrassing moment. (My, don’t we all have a few dozen of those kind of stories to send in?) Stories due at the end of January. The three winners will be announced and published in their June 2011 magazine.

Here’s the link: http://www.highlights.com/highlights-fiction-contest