War Unicorn Book Trailer

It’s live!

The book trailer I mentioned in my last post is now L.I.V.E. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5_96_N7vXQ&feature=youtu.be

I gave Kevin my book trailer synopsis (the words). He used most of them and added more. He read the blurb of the book on Amazon. I answered two of his questions and sent him more book details. And then in a very short amount of time — hours, I’m guessing — he found the music and pictures and completed the book trailer for War Unicorn. He showed me it last Saturday. I suggested a couple of tweeks. I may have suggested more, but Kevin did this for me for free, plus I haven’t really had any personal (online) contact with him except about the trailer. He tweeked, and — great job! — it’s live!

I told Kevin I wasn’t going to publicize it until Monday. On Monday I put it on FaceBook, I tweeted it, I announced it on three writing listservs and with two critique groups. (Ooh. I forgot. I didn’t tell my family about it yet. More chances for hits. But my family’s not very large.)

A lot goes into making a book trailer, and when I have more time, I may even run a book trailer making workshop with one of my critique groups. Ugh. Sounds like a lot of work. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, and thank you, Kevin.

War Unicorn 200x300


Short Synopsis v.s. Book Trailer

An author friend whom I’ve never met other than online, Kevin Hopson, offered to make me a book trailer for War Unicorn (tween fantasy with MuseItYoung). Having made a book trailer of my own for The Town That Disappeared— which took me four months to create — I do realize some of the ins and outs of trailer making. It’s hard! And time-consuming.

War Unicorn 200x300

Kevin asked for a synopsis of my book. Instead, I thought in terms of a book trailer. After all, they are related, with climax and conclusion left out of the trailer words, naturally.

I imagined the one-second flashes of frames with epic music in the background, and then wrote my 25-word synopsis for him. Easy-peasy.

I was concerned that with two books done since then and being in the middle of a third, I might not get the essence of the story. But thinking short synopsis in terms of a book trailer really helped me highlight the points of the hook and the action.

Now I wait. Good luck, my friend.

While you wait for the War Unicorn trailer, you can check out more of Kevin’s work at http://kevin-hopson.blogspot.com/

Writing Challenge: You could try writing out the 25 words making up the essence of your own stories.