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52-WORD BIO: Sandy Carlson was born in Michigan, lived in six other states, and is now back in Michigan. She is a former elementary teacher, a former long-term member of SCBWI, and a blogger. She’s published in magazines, ezines, newspapers, anthologies, and books (historical fiction and fantasy). Sandy now writes full time and speaks at schools, libraries, and bookstores.


Second Grade Sandy D qHere is a picture of me, Sandy Carlson, in the second grade. In kindergarten, I told people my parents called Sandy because I ate sand. I was disappointed when I found out that wasn’t true.

I wasn’t a fast or good reader, but I loved making up stories and telling them to my siblings, cousins and friends — especially spooky stories inside dark-dark closets.

I became a teacher and learned to love reading. I loved books so much I even became an author! My favorite author is C.S. Lewis because he wrote for both kids and adults, and was very smart. I was a member the world-wide writing organization called SCBWI — the Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators — for seventeen years.

I have climbed mountains, swum in oceans, and run down sand dunes. I’ve outrun wildfires, hid in a basement from a tornado, cleaned debris from a hurricane, outwalked the incoming tide at Fundy Bay, and survived our house getting smashed by 100 year old trees. I’ve ridden horses, been on cattle round-ups, avoided stepping on rattlesnakes, was charged by a wild boar, cleaned oil off of turtles from the largest inland oil spill in USA history, and know how to put a worm on a fish hook — although the first time it took me twenty minutes. Generally, I’d rather be outside than inside.

I have one husband (my very own hero) and two grown sons who are really cool, one awesome daughter-in-law, and an amazing grandchild.

We’ve had lots of pets in our various houses, but right now the only “pets” I have are our backyard animals – birds, black squirrels, rabbits, deer, raccoon, and lots of bugs.

What I like best is learning new things…and then sharing them them others, like you.


Sandy Carlson was born in Michigan and grew up in Ohio as the middle child. She graduated from Bowling Green State University (OH) in education and taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades, as well as special education (K-8) and literacy (K-3). She received her master’s degree in guidance and counseling from University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and following graduation married her hero, a Wisconsin boy, thinking she’d live in Wisconsin for the rest of her life. Six months later, they moved to Illinois. Later they moved to Iowa, then to New York, then South Dakota, and now back to Michigan. They have two grown sons who are also her heroes, and three cutie-patootie grandkids.

She was a camp counselor, Girl Scout Leader, a Youth Education Specialist for both a children’s garden and a natural history museum, and a children’s choir director, and tutored dyslexic kids. Today she writes, speaks, and plays outside.

Sandy is a member of SCBWI. She’s been published in magazines, ezines, and newspapers, as well as two anthologies. She’s published three Michigan historical fictions for the 8-12 year old reader with more in the works, and fantasies for the 10-14 year old, again, with more to come.

She has gone on bison round-ups, outrun wildfires, hiked in deserts, climbed mountains, and swum in oceans. She now combines her love of teaching, writing, having adventures, and learning history to do school visits and a story-building writing workshop. She also speaks at writers conferences and other venues.

(Contact Sandy at: sandycarl642 at yahoo dot com)

BOOKS by Sandy Carlson and S. L. Carlson:

War Unicorn: The Ring, Book 0 (by S. L. Carlson)

Dragon Princess, The War Unicorn Chronicles, Book 1 (by S. L. Carlson)

Escape, The War Unicorn Chronicles, Book 2 (by S. L. Carlson)

Rescue, the War Unicorn Chronicles, Book 3 (by S. L. Carlson)

The Road Less-Traveled Often Involves Smacking Face-First Through Spider Webs (a memoir of animal encounters)

The Powder Horn of Mackinac Island (MG time travel)

The Town That Disappeared (MG historical fiction)

Logging Winter (MG historical fiction)

Tales of the Lost Schooner (MG historical fiction)

Stacks of Flapjacks (Informational NF to go with Logging Winter)

Wildfire (MG Lakota Sioux)

Time Sisters (SF by S. L. Carlson)

Star Opening (by S.L. Carlson)


  1. After years of piano lessons, I still wasn’t very good at it. But I loved singing. Since a piano is too big to carry around, I taught myself to play guitar to accompany my singing. Fa-la!
  2. In first grade, I held my dime Brownie dues in my mouth as I washed my hands. I accidentally swallowed it! My Brownie leader said she’d pay for me that week. I thought she was the most generous person in the world.
  3. I’ve been in forty-eight states, camping or backpacking in most. And, yes, I’ve been to Hawaii as one of the 48 states, but didn’t camp there. Can you guess the two states I haven’t been to (yet)?
  4. When I was the ancient age of 50, I took a motorcycle course and learned to ride one all over the twisty-hilly Black Hills of South Dakota.
  5. When I was a camp counselor one summer of high school, I rowed a boat filled with five year olds to a low part of the lake where tree stumps stuck out of the water. Grabbing hold of one of the grassy stump-islands, a very fat spider joined us in the boat. Not wanting to alarm the children, I quietly smashed it with one of the oars. I successfully killed the spider, but discovered it was pregnant—with about a million itty-bitty spiders who covered the boat and kids and me. I rowed back to shore in about 1/100th of the time it took to get to that spidery stump.


Contact: sandycarl642@yahoo (dot) com

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S. L. Carlson Fantasy Blog:

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December 15-16, 2017 War Unicorn: The Ring author blog-interview on Janet Walter’s blog

October 6-12, 2017 The Powder Horn of Mackinac Island book review on  J.Q. Rose’s blog:

September 23, 2017 — Interview on self-publishing for Write2Ignite:

May 5, 2015 — Interview with Zinta Aistars “Between the Lines” on WMUK 102.1 FM in Kalamazoo, MI, taped on April 3, 2015; The link gives some written highlights, and then links to a short version (8 min) of the interview and a longer one (27 min):

November 17-23, 2014 — Blog Interview between two unicorns! With Azaria…I mean, Suzanne de Montigny

October 27-November 2, 2014 — Blog interview with Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

September 16, 2014 — Blog Interview with Patti Richard:

September 16, 2014 — Blog Interview with Helena Fairfax:

September 4, 2014 — Book Announcement with Blogger Mary Waibel:

September 2, 1014 — Blog Interview, Sandy Carlson and S.L. Carlson:

March 13, 2013 — Newspaper Interview with Battle Creek Enquirer, Battle Creek, MI


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1860’s America Sandy

   2015 Willard Lib. 01B

8 thoughts on “Contact, Bio, Media Kit, Social Media Links

  1. Hello Sandy,
    I was doing a web search today on historical fiction set in Michigan and found you. Congrats on your book release. I have been on a similar journey as an author, wanting to write for decades but only being published in
    the last 4 years. I write for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. Magazine published by Focus on the Family. I have some story ideas for novels though, so I am in learning mode.

    I went back to school to get a teaching degree when my kids were old enough to handle it. (I was a stay-at-home mom before that.) I taught a few years in both public and private school. Now I’m back home full time working on writing and taking care of my oldest grandson after school.

    I’d like to do some research for a book set during the Michigan fire of 1881. My search today is to see if anyone else has written a novel with that backdrop. Do you know? Just thought I’d ask. If you could see my hand, I would point to the thumb as my place of origin. I grew up in Cass City, about an hour from Bay City or about 20 miles from Bad Axe. My grandparents owned a bakery there, and it was in the family for 60 years. (That’s another story idea by the way.) My parents sold the business in the 1990s, and in less than a year a fire took the whole building. It’s sad to visit my hometown and see an empty spot on the main street block where it used to stand.

    Blessings on your book signings. Is your book on Amazon by the way?

    • Hi Evylyn. I can’t believe I missed this. I THOUGHT I remembered answering you back then, but my dashboard said “no, you didn’t.” How is your fire novel going? I know of no novel of the 1881 thumb fires. Are you a member of SCBWI? It’s a great place to learn. Appologies for not responding (although, like I said, I THOUGHT I had). Oh, and yes, my book is on Amazon and Kindle.

  2. What a great resume for writing for children. Your experience with them gave you lots of ideas for what they would like to read. And, I love your photo of you today. I think you have a great attitude and imagination to entertain kids and kids at heart. Nice to meet you..

  3. Hi Sandy. I love your “About Me” page (I could feel your energy.) and your photo from second grade. Welcome to MIU!

    We sent emails to each other about your trip to London. Have you gone yet?


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