Writing Start of 2021

(Having discovered I’d used up all my WordPress data (without an upgrade), this morning I deleted 300+ blog posts from over the past 11 years, with many of those having to do with NaNoWriMo. Hopefully I will have room for more photos. We shall see.)

At the end of October, after selling our house and living in a 25′ RV for 10 weeks, we moved from MI to WI, in the middle of a pandemic. Most of our waking hours have been spent in house projects. But there was also family time — the very reason for our move. We’ve had 5 birthdays, with another coming at the end of this month, 3 major holidays with decorations, and 4 snowstorms since Christmas, all with 8-12″ each. Fixing, celebrating, and shoveling. Oh, my.

I dropped out of my my critique group of nearly 20 years, partially because of no time to write or critique during our move, and partially because of no internet for over 90 days. I have now rejoined them at last. Heavy and relieved sigh. At last, back to my MG fantasy.

With my state change, I signed up for the WI chapter of SCBWI. I saw a post about people wanting members for a picture book critique group. Wanting to have a connection in my new state, I joined one. They use Google docs. I hate Google docs. My first rocky week with them was spent hours in tears and frustration, learning this new way of communication, along with part of the rebel in me wondering why we were using that when editors and agents use Word. But new kid on the block needed to learn new word processor to join in. So here I am, newly educated, and newly with a group of WI writers.

So here’s to a new year, new state, and new writing opportunities. And hopefully a new vaccine sometime soon.

3 thoughts on “Writing Start of 2021

  1. I haven’t explored Google docs. My grandson showed them to me, but I have Word, so I never went further. I bet you’re a whiz with them now. So happy you can have fun with your family. E njoy your new home. It’ll be fun when spring comes to see what shows up in the yard. Stay warm.

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