Doctor’s Park – North Milwaukee County Park Along Lake Michigan

Last week we went for a drive and short hike to Doctor’s Park, a Milwaukee County Park along Lake Michigan, north of Milwaukee. (If my deleting iphone photos have helped, I might be able to add photos to this post, otherwise, use your imagination.)

Eight Carlsons went on the adventure. We wore masks most of the time since there were many people coming and going, about half of them wearing masks themselves. From the parking lot, a wide asphalt trail lead down to the rocky beach. The five-year-old boy either doesn’t have the quick brain to muscle reaction to jump away from waves, or he genuinely enjoys getting wet to his knees, but he sure has fun.

The beach was loaded with driftwood. But still, there were the rocks. Just like on the Michigan side. Rocks. What fun. I’d left behind my own collection when we sold our house last summer. Time to start a new collection here in Wisconsin. My pockets became sandy and wet. They also made for added workout while climbing up the stairs on the southern side of the beach.

Not very much to report here. It is a popular park, and was short and sweet for us Carlsons. There was family, waves, rocks and driftwood. It was a pleasant little distraction from covid-19 to a little park with a view over wonderful Lake Michigan. We will be back.

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