Tried Another Milwaukee County Park

We’re starting our 7th week as Wisconsin residents. Jeff grew up in Wisconsin. I taught school in Wisconsin. I thought when I married a Wisconsin man, I’d live in WI for the rest of my life. It took 42 years of adventurous living elsewhere, but now I shall live in Wisconsin for the rest of my life!

Our house is needy, so every day we do projects to make it livable, as well as getting it ready for winter, as well as putting up and taking down fall-winter celebrations and decorations (Halloween, 3 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).

Because of the pandemic, and being new to this area, and all the zillion house projects to do, we have only wandered off to four nearby parks in these seven weeks. There are 169 county parks in Milwaukee, and hundreds of playgrounds and athletic fields. Most are popular even in the cold. This is, after all, Wisconsin.

Konkel Park is a mile from us and across the street from the police and fire stations. It hosts a Farmer’s Market, May through October, and has several athletic fields and an amphitheater. The paths are nearly all paved, except for a tiny section along a tiny creek going from residential housing to the paved pathway. I see it as a place to take the grandkids in the spring to go kite flying.

There is Whitnall Park in Hales Corners near where we reside, which includes Wehr Nature Center, Root River Parkway, Boerner Botanical Gardens, and several trails including woods, stream, lake, waterfall, and many people. They also have a Winter Wonderland drive through.

Lakefront Parkway on the Michigan Lake shoreline, with views of skyscrapers, Lake Michigan, goose poo, and dead kites in bare trees. Sidewalk “paths”. Crowded. Near the Milwaukee Art Museum and other downtown destinations.

Greenfield Park is actually in West Allis, which used to have parts belonging to Greenfield where we live. It’s off of Greenfield Road. It’s a small urban park with a paved path around a lake with lots of ducks, and includes a small waterfall and a short wooded trail.

So far, all these urban parks have been very easy hikes. I look forward to 2021 when we will get the chance to get out to State Parks with mature forests and fewer humans, and hopefully vaccines all around. Stay safe.

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