The start of a new era — living in Wisconsin, Again

Our new residence

We moved into our house in Wisconsin two weeks ago, after spending 16 wonderful years in Michigan. We plan on spending the next 30 years or more in this house — at least that is how long our mortgage loan is. We’ve never been able to pay off a mortgage loan in the past. We hope to this time, and also expect this to be a wonderful place to grow old in.

Our neighborhood is nice. Quiet. For the most part. The dress is casual. By that I mean I’ve seen 6 different neighbors from 5 homes walk about outside in robe or pajama bottoms, even engage in conversation with me. At first we thought of Arthur from Hitchhiker’s Guide, but then more and more Arthurs popped up. Guess I’ll have to go sleepwear shopping soon.

But the very best part of being here is that it is only 15 minutes from family. (Although, one son is still down in sunny, warm Arizona. He will get to enjoy winters when he comes at Christmas.)

Our living room before the movers came
The living room after the movers came

We honestly did a lot of downsizing before moving. And as you can see, we have our wicker furniture from our Michigan three season room as our living room furniture. For now. That is because we gave away all of our living room furniture. (You may or may not see another photo of our living room after it is livable, but maybe it fits the casual nature of this neighborhood.)

We lasted 2 1/2 months without Internet at Turkeyville, Michigan. And it seems that the lack of Internet accessibility has followed us here to Wisconsin. We have tried since house closing on September 8 to get Internet connected to our new house. You would think that being just a few blocks from Milwaukee, that access would be simple. It’s just one of those challenges we face as retirees. At least at our son’s house we can use his Internet service. But at 9:20 on November 2…internet lives! Now for a washing machine which works. I have 8 loads ready to go, while waiting for a replacement for the lemon one we got from Home Depot last week. (Water doesn’t drain.) I don’t suppose the bouncing off the truck as it was delivered helped. I just look forward to clean…everything. Oh, the trials of First World living. I can, however, use our son’s machine, but I’d rather play with the kiddos than do chores.

We’ve only been to one city park, about a mile from us.

Not like the woodsy Michigan trails we’ve loved. But there are state parks here, too.

So many new things to experience, to explore, to be and become in our new state. And, please do know that any friend is welcome to visit us anytime.

2 thoughts on “The start of a new era — living in Wisconsin, Again

  1. What a beautiful home! Laughed at the casual neighborhood living–definitely need to get rid of that holy, pepto bismol pink robe (oops, that’s mine) to “fit in.” And only 15 minutes from the kids. But you know, those grandkids grow up too soon and are gone. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Hugs.

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