Last trip to Michigan west coast as MI residences.

Camp Pilgrim Haven

Last Friday, Jeff and I took our last trip to Michigan’s west coast as residents of Michigan. I wanted to return to the Saugatuck area, because I had not been there in a long time. It was also the place where my first book was set.

We started north of Saugatuck, at Saugatuck State Park. It was crazy busy. There were only two parking spots left in the parking lot. A few people were wearing masks but certainly not the majority. We used the bathrooms, and decided to leave. It was difficult getting out of the parking spot, because people kept walking and not letting us go through. Too bad.

This is five groups of people.

We decided to pass the quaint and beautiful little town of Saugatuck for a lady just south of it: Douglas!

Again, because it featured in my first book, I wanted to hike to the top of Mount Baldy.

The view of the 302 steps

The last time I climbed this, I rested a couple times. Or three. I was surprised at how out of shape I was. Rested often. But we did make it to the top. It was well worth the legs turning into jelly.

I was thankful that my “A” tree was still standing. Again, this particular tree at the top of Mount Baldy, is featured in my book The Town That Disappeared. I was glad to see it standing and to say goodbye to it.

From Mount Baldy, we descended the stairs and drove around to Oval Beach. The banner at the top of my website shows a shot of the original pilings where the Kalamazoo River used to drain into Lake Michigan.

After a lovely time listening to the waves on the sandy shore, we headed further south to Camp Pilgrim Haven, between South Haven and Van Buren State Park.

We only recently discovered this little gem. And as expected, it was not crowded like the other places. The photo at the top of this blog post was taken there. And here are a couple more shots:

It was all together a lovely day. It is pretty weather. Gorgeous country. Lovely water. I shall sure miss the West Coast of Michigan.

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