Pandemic Neighborhood Giveaways

On the bright side…is there a bright side to this pandemic?…

Then perhaps take out the word pandemic. And continue reading, thank you.

With our grandkids living three states away and growing up way too fast, this week, knowing the libraries are closed as well as schools, I have given away two bags of picture books (and a couple other ones tossed in) to walking neighbors with kids. I knew the names of the previous giveaway bag of books. Today’s giveaway, I simply don’t know their names, but identified the bag left on our corner by who they are: 3 boys, 2 mamas, and 1 puppy. I chose books which I thought the different ages of the boys would  enjoy.

Yes, our grands live too far away to read these, and when their own libraries open up, they will be able to once again enjoy those millions of hard-cover books. YAY! But in the meantime, I hope to spread a little bit of literary joy to our stay-at-homers. I wish we had more kiddos living in our neighborhood.

We remain 15′ or more from our neighbors, and to our knowledge, none in our neighborhood have contracted the coronavirus. Still. Stay safe. Be wise. If they were worried, they could leave the bag of books in their garage for a couple of days to be even more cautious, receiving this gift of books from a stranger. Even though I don’t know their names, there has always been a friendly wave-connection.

I wish I could snuggle my grands onto my lap and read to them. Can’t. Someday I will. Until then…keep on reading.

Never give up. Never surrender.

The Town That Disappeared 333x500 Sandys

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