More from Leelanau County – Fishtown

Merry Christmas! (Yes, it’s still Christmas — until the Wise Men come with their gifts for Baby Jesus on January 6th. Do you still have your Christmas tree up?)


Since we were unable to hike last Friday, I decided to post an adventure to a town we visited while up in Leelanau at the end of October. (Incidentally, two weeks after we were there, the cottage where we stayed got 30″ of snow.) I actually have been up there in November and December for book signings, through some absolutely terrifying driving weather. I’d much rather go up with Jeff, with no pressing agendas, and be able to get out into the gorgeous natural areas, snow or no., just like last October.


Fishtown, City of Leland, Leelanau County, MI

A popular tourist draw in the lakefront area of the small town of Leland is Fishtown. Having spent most of our time hiking in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Jeff and I hadn’t been further north in Leelanau County for several years.

Last October, we were surprised with the high level of the channel going through Fishtown from Lake Leland into Lake Michigan. If you notice from the poster below, the water level used to be about 7 feet lower.

There’s no need for blame this or that for the reason. The water level rises and lowers throughout the decades, throughout the centuries.

The little shops along the canal are adorable. Although they seem a bit nervous right now. Hopefully, the water level will fall once more. It is the cycle of nature.

The surf against the break wall can send water many feet into the air.

Part of me wishes I could see this quaint Michigan town over Christmas. But I’ve been in Leelanau County in December before – hubby driving over snow-covered, icy roads, and having to dig out a section of the drive just to get the van off the road. I think I’ll remain toasty and inside sound here in southern Michigan, thank you.

Wishing you each a happy new year filled with new adventures.

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