Fall Scenic North Country Trail near Augusta, MI

We waited to hike in woods until after the first frost, to be sure of no deadly mosquito concerns. So last Friday, we once again hiked on the Scenic North Country Trail, this time near Augusta by Fort Custer State Recreation Area. We’d hiked this section once before…in winter, last March. We were the only ones there in the silent woods for a couple of hours.

This time, we hiked at the beginning of the turning of the leaves.  My, what a difference in the cycle of creation from winter to fall. I love fall.


I took my cross-country ski poles, which I’m discovering work quite well for hiking with a bum knee. Even so, we didn’t explore too much beyond what we had last March.

We went through the woods, following the trail into Fort Custer Cemetery land, across the no-railing bridge, and followed the narrow pathway between two bodies of water to a bench in the middle of the marsh.


We stopped for a snack, and to watch and listen to the wonderful sandhill cranes  high overhead, celebrating their fall dance.


I was surprised how well I did walking so much. I do believe it was because of two major reasons: 1) I was with my best friend; and 2) I was in the woods. Either is inspiring enough to feel energetic. Together, it is just joy.


Home to ice my knee, and already looking forward to our next outdoors adventure.



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