Michigan’s State Parks – 100 Years Old

We hadn’t realized this fact until last Friday when we hiked through one of Michigan State Parks. The first state park in Michigan was established in 1919. Happy Centennial!

Last Friday, we hiked a loop in Fort Custer State recreation Area (a.k.a. state park) for an hour and 40 minutes. The only other people we saw in that time were three men walking off-trail through a field with a butterfly net.

It was a pleasant warm summer Michigan day. Yes, the mosquitoes were out, and so were the deer fly, but not enough to make us wish for winter hiking.

From rains the last few weeks, we were delighted that it was only muddy in three spots we had bushwhack around.

As I mentioned, there were no people on the trail, but the woods were alive with the sounds of birds. We did see deer tracks in the mud, one small black snake scurrying across the trail, and a chipmunk running wildly across the trail. We also came to a section of trail between two lakes where a snapping turtle guarded the path. He turned his body to follow my steps as I passed. He reminded me of Gandolf saying, “You shall not pass!”

Wishing you a good June, with adventures small or grand. Perhaps you’ll try out a new Michigan State Park trail this summer during its special anniversary celebration.

4 thoughts on “Michigan’s State Parks – 100 Years Old

  1. We certainly are blessed to have the natural beauty of Michigan preserved in the state parks. So many parks, so little time. Looks like you had a perfect day to explore the trail. Great photos.
    We have enjoyed a lot of beach time at Duck Lake State Park near Whitehall. Duck Lake has a little creek that runs out from the inland lake to the big lake, Lake Michigan. So much fun for the kids to splash in that little creek cutting across the sandy beach. Perfect depth for toddlers and much warmer than the big lake.
    JQ Rose

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