Wonderful Friends; Glorious Creation

Last week, friends let us use their cottage “up north”. It was a marvelous four days of needed rest and renewal. Thank you, Friends!


We hiked. We biked. We walked beaches (along with thousands of midge insects). We saw lots of wildlife, birds, mammals, spring wildflowers.


I could easily write five posts for each day we spent there…and I may just do that.

There are several reasons I love being in nature. I suppose my most important reasons are that you see and hear different and unexpected things each time out; I also get to appreciate nature alongside my mate and best friend; but most of all, I see God’s certainty of the cycles of life.

Halfway through day two, I mentioned to Jeff that I wished I had a video camera cap to attempt to capture the out of doors all around me. Even so, watching the video would only end up being a tiny fraction of the experience, even with my memories of being there. Nothing, I mean nothing, can substitute for the real thing, with all five senses on high alert at the same time of every muscle and thought in total relaxation mode. So, look at the pretty pictures, watch interesting nature shows, taste new local delights, but much more important than those things, get out and enjoy the wondrous creation which is out there.



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