May Fool’s Day – Gardening for Mother ‘s Day

For my Mother’s Day gift, last Thursday my boys and their families sent me soil and peat pots. <waggling head> Okay. They know I love to garden. So now I had to think up something special to grow in all those pots. <waggling head again; there are so many choices, you know>

So I finally settled on making an herb garden. I have various herbs around the yard, but to have a designated garden for them would be awesome, and with all these pots I could add such a variety. It was settled (in my wiggling head): I’d sow me an herb garden. Although, I’d have to wait for a few days to buy the seeds for life was too busy to look and decide what and where of such a wonderful project.

On Sunday’s Mother’s Day, I thanked them for the gardening gifts. I would put them to great use, I promised.

Then comes today. A small package arrived in the mail addressed to me. Inside was an envelope with 15 varieties of herb seeds in neat little packets, along with blank labels. May’s Fool day/ Happy Mother’s Day to me. For apparently, the seeds were supposed to arrive at the same time as the soil and peat pots. Ha-ha.


Today I dug right in (literally) and spent a lot of today filling the peat pots, dropping in the seeds, labeling the sections, and watering them all. Now as my little seeds grow into seedlings, then into plants, I will plan and create a perfect home for them.


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