To Continue a Series or Call It Quits?

My War Unicorn Chronicles will have its fourth book, RESCUE, THE WAR UNICORN CHRONICLES, BOOK 3, published in June through Books We Love, LLC. Already, there is a pre-purchase link with nine e-book stores listed, and the print stores will be listed soon, too. Yay. Newly published books are very exciting. Although with the electronical books, I can’t smell the newness of the printed page, there is still that new-excitement in the air for the author.



As I wrote the first book, WAR UNICORN: THE RING, I thought of it as a one-off — a story unto itself with beginning, middle, and end. But then after it was published, I started wondering where to go (writing-wise), so naturally thought about a sequel. As I drafted said sequel, my writing brain started trotting down different paths as I imagined other story lines with those same characters. So as I wrote, I plotted out five more possible books in the series.  The sequel, DRAGON PRINCESS, THE WAR UNICORN CHRONICES, BOOK ONE, is now, as the title indicates, “Book One” making the original, WAR UNICORN: THE RING, “Book Zero”.  A bit confusing, however, I couldn’t go back and change the title of the first book, so considered it in a similar format as THE HOBBIT to LORD OF THE RINGS.

Calrson-WarUnicorn-TheRing-150   WarUnicorn-web 123 MB   Carlson-WarUnicorn2Escape 4mb

(Link to stores for all the above books:

Even after four books, there could be more adventures for these characters. There are, constantly galloping around through my mind. However…I’m wondering…should I continue the series or call it quits (on The War Unicorn Chronicles, that is)?

It’s soon my turn to submit something to my critique group. They are the ones who keep me accountable for continued writing. Maybe I could write up a short story with Neighbor and Aldric. Maybe I could switch POV (point of view) and write from Neighbor’s herd of unicorns — IF THEY EXIST, that is. Or I could write something entirely different, like start a new fantasy story with elves or fairies? Or pick up some old manuscripts in other genres?

Oh, what to do? What to do?

2 thoughts on “To Continue a Series or Call It Quits?

  1. I’d say if you’re still seeing those stories in your head and are passionate about the characters, then write ’em down. You already have readers who I’m sure are looking for the next adventure. Go for it. My mind has never thought in series of books. I write the book and I’m done with that character, setting, etc. But I know series sell well and readers love them.

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