A Spring Visitor

This weekend we had a spring visitor. He or she – I’m not certain which – decided to build a nest on the ledge on our front porch window sill.

At first we swept away the nest-building attempt 2-3 times a day. I felt a little badly, since every spring the chipmunks eat the robin eggs in the nest-bushes around our house. I didn’t think the chipmunks would climb up the side of our brick porch, so figured the eggs would be safe for a change. But that would mean we could not use our front door or porch for a couple months, and any mail or packages delivery people would be attacked by the defending birds.

So I put a rock in the spot. It did not deter the robin. We tossed the nesting material into our yard recycling can once again, and I put up a second rock.

It  didn’t stop her.

So I tried further methods to discourage nest-building at that spot.

There were a few dried grass attempts to rebuild, but I think the humans were finally able to outwit the bird.

Yay…and boo.

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