Newly Discovered Social Group — Mall Power-Walkers

I’d rather be outside than in — unless there’s a tornado or hailstorm. Ash and smoke from a nearby wildfire has pushed me indoors as well. Then there was last Friday — hubby’s day off, and the chance to get out into the woods again. But with temperatures in the 30’s and low 40’s with wind and rain and snow and overcast-no-blue sky making me feel blah, we decided to go to the local mall to do our “hike”.

We’d heard of others doing this, but as for us, we were virgin mall power-walkers. We found it interesting exploring this new-to-us social activity and dynamics, so I thought I’d share what we observed on our morning weekday mall hike (generally speaking):

  1. People walk in easily identified pairs with a no-window-shopping stride.
  2. The average age of walker is in the mid-60’s.
  3. Winter coats are abandoned over chairs in the food court area until departure.
  4. The taller the couple, the faster their pace.
  5. Later in the morning brings out single walkers.

I bought a pair of sandals at the end of our hike, so I didn’t feel too badly about using the space. I also didn’t take any photos because with all the closed shops and no anchor stores, it seemed a very different mall from fourteen years ago when we first visited.

I was a little jealous of the younger woman sitting in the window of the Barnes and Nobel, writing in a notebook. I thought to go in, walk up to her, and ask, “Whatcha writin’?” Writers tend to attract to each other like magnets. But her earbuds were as clear as a No Trespassing sign. Besides, I only dare enter a bookstore when I have a particular book to purchase, or am doing a book-signing, or have lots and lots of spare money to buy oh-so-many more books. Books rather addicting.

The mall walk shooed my blah feeling away and changed it into an isn’t-that-interesting feeling. I would still rather be outside most any day, observing flora and fauna, but people, too, can be fascinating to watch.

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