Winterspration From a Winter River Hike

Husband’s day off = Time to nurture in nature


Today we walked part of the Kalamazoo* Riverwalk near Bailey Park in Battle Creek. I wore my runners, foolishly expecting the path to be cleared vs wet and snowy as it is during our forest winter hikes. The asphalt-wood path was not cleared, and was indeed wet, icy, and snowy.

The sun was also out today, making for a welcomed change. Winter snow, water, and ice patterns revealed themselves with each step forward.


I’ve gotten poison ivy a couple of times, getting in for close up nature shots. But the wetness today was caused by my own making. Thankfully, I’d chosen to wear wool socks, even though the temperature was a warm 33 degrees. Walking off trail, along the river’s edge, my foot started to sink through the flattened yellow grass and down into the hidden muck with water soaking into my shoe. Yay for wool socks which keep you warm even when they get wet.

The near river-dump was worth it to me. No poison ivy this time, just a soggy, muddy shoe. Do you agree with me?

One icy-snow masterpiece laying on top of the smooshed grass reminded me of the continental USA. Looking at it later, I realized poor California had melted into the Pacific, and Michigan’s UP and northern Wisconsin must have decided to join Canada. Florida’s rather fat, too, but there could be many creative, imaginative explanations for that.


People, this snapshot moment in time is brief. The snow. The ice. The footprints. People.

Live. Love. Appreciate. And, of course, when you’re stuck inside: explore new places and new friends by reading.

* correction: These were taken along the Battle Creek River before it pours into the Kalamazoo River. (Sorry)

2 thoughts on “Winterspration From a Winter River Hike

  1. Sandy, you are a master at looking at nature and seeing beauty! Thank you for your sense of humor and sweet way of journaling your experiences in nature.

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