Winterspration – Writing Inspirations from Winter


(Photo #1)

Are you sick of winter? Get rid of those blahs by being creative. For your creative pleasure, find here some Winterspration (yes, I made up that word) from photos taken during wintertime.

Give the pictures captions–wild, crazy, or beautiful–and share in the comments below. (Remember, this is a G-rated blog.)

Or be inspired to write a story or scene using one of these photos as a story-starter (or middle, or end).

Happy Winterspration!

Kellogg St Manor Ice 2 09

(Photo #2)


(Photo #3)


(Photo #4)


(Photo #5)

Dune runoff 01

(Photo #6)


(Photo #7)

5 thoughts on “Winterspration – Writing Inspirations from Winter

  1. Great photos! But tired of winter? Not yet… The skiing here in Idaho has been amazing with no end in sight! Enjoy the rest of the season with all its inspiration!!

  2. Okay. I’ll play…
    Caption for #1: Don’t Blink (or they’ll come closer)
    Caption for #2: Cinderella Meets Elsa Vacation Home
    Caption for #3: Lone Stone Painting
    Caption for #4: Mid-day Winter Star
    Caption for #5: The Iceman Cometh
    Caption for #6: Dune Stream
    Caption for #7: Waiting for Playmates

    I usually come up with twenty titles for every story I write, then pick the best. Can you name other suggestions for captions?

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