Keep on Writing!

Being a 1-computer-1-car home, I write when Jeff’s at work and do errands when he’s home. Yesterday was defeating. Besides being a tad sick, I kept staring at “the blank page”, knowing my computer time was limited, and frustrated I was so apathetic (although that may have had to do with being sick).
THEN I remembered a vital rule in writing: Never leave your writing at the end of a scene, but always in the middle. The end of the scene means completion, finished, stop. The middle of the scene is exciting and you know where it’s going and your brain and fingers can’t wait to pour out what comes next.
While Jeff was at a meeting last night, I started in on the next scene.
On to writing more of Book 3 of The War Unicorn Chronicles!
Carlson-WarUnicorn2Escape 4mb

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