God’s Outdoor Ice Museum

On Jeff’s day off last Friday, we headed north to Yankee Springs Recreation Area. We only saw five other people in the park during the entire afternoon. The last time we visited was fourteen months ago, when we were treated to some pretty awesome water and ice features along Gunn Lake’s shore.

Remembering the ice sculptures from mid-November, 2017, and the gentle waves lapping over the lake –

(These 2 shots were taken over a year ago.) – we parked and headed for the grass shoreline.

We were not disappointed.

The lake was covered with layer of ice, making lovely patterns which mimicked the sky world.

As we walked along the shore, each step brought us to new natural artwork. It felt like we were on a personal tour, walking a hallway of a museum, God’s Outdoor Ice Museum.

There were ice-encased branches and grass.


The red branches were particularly stunning.


There were bubbles and drips, walls and chimes. Cones and fans, berries and fences.

Tree branches dipped to become one with the lake for the season. And an ice castle.

We even spotted angels.


The sky changed from the morning see-no-shadows overcast grey to afternoon blue skies and sunshine. What a delightful day to explore God’s Outdoor Ice Museum. And just to let you in on our secret find so you, too, can explore hidden delights, if you peek over the edge, this is what the shore looked like on land:


We look forward to more of God’s ice treasures another time.


3 thoughts on “God’s Outdoor Ice Museum

  1. God’s majesty is so breath taking and sensational. The ordinary and mundane become a magical world of beauty as our Lord displays His splendor on the canvas of this earth.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventure with us.

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