May Mystery Project – Can you guess what it is?

All right all you mystery solvers, I’m going to give you clues to guess my May Mystery Project. Comment how many clues it took you before you suspected what my project is, and then which clue sealed your guess. (The answer is found at end of post, so only tell clue numbers, so others can guess.)

Clue #1: This is a liquid project is inspired by a famous writer. I first read this particular story way back in high school.

Clue #2: It’s nearly always made in early- to mid-early spring. But if you own a freezer, it can be made other times if the year.

Clue #3:IMG_0755

Clue #4: After 4 gathering times, I figured out the best collection time (to avoid ants and flying bugs and yellow hands). It’s during or just after a rain, with temps in the lower 50’s.

Clue #5: I’d rather shuck corn than pull the greens off these little guys. Ugh for time-consuming. But…thinking ahead to the project’s end kept me plugging away on it.

Clue #6: The science fiction writer’s grandfather used to make this stuff.

Clue #7: If you made it, which sweetener would you pick? (depends on what you’re going for)IMG_0984

Clue #8: This project takes 6-8 weeks to completion, which is actually much shorter than I’d expected.

Clue #9: It smells like wet hay when steeping.

Clue #10:IMG_0757


Clue #11:IMG_0822

Clue #11: With all this time and work involved, and the fact I’ll probably never make it again, I figure it should cost about $500 for a 2-ounce sip. Just saying.

Clue #12: IMG_0775

And my May Mystery Project is…





Dandelion Mead (using honey v.s. sugar), inspired by the novel Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury.

2 thoughts on “May Mystery Project – Can you guess what it is?

    • You were good to get it before the ending, Erin. I tried to be a little sneaky, too, and not give away much. Thanks for playing!

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