A Day in the Life of an Author

Yesterday, two days after Easter, I rose at 6 a.m. with hubby. Sunny day. Felt perky. Great day for writing. He went to doctor apt; me, grocery shopping for food, also bought some Easter candy 50% off, for company coming in two months.

Celebration waffle breakfast for hubby’s good report from doc. Besides, a hearty breakfast is good for getting your brain going and doing some creative writing.

Hubby off to work. Remembered my Sunday singing obligation, so went to basement, got my guitar, and set it out on the living room couch. Went to find the music.

Hubby returned home because the power went off at work; expected to be off all day. He needed to work from home, on our den computer, where I would write. His work this day entailed watching several video clips to choose the best one to use, and pacing the house as he thought, as well as writing away on the computer.

I hid in a corner and checked my email on the laptop. Replied to an email about a school visit next month. Yay.

Thought about writing again but the sun begged me to come out to play. Plus, my hubby was in too close proximity for me to write-think. And, well, it was sunny.

Trimmed and pruned two apple trees I planted after the storm of 2011. Hoping for apples this year instead of feeding the neighborhood bugs apple blossoms and leaves as in previous years.

Sat on the chair on the patio resting from my labors. Opened a bag of tiny jelly beans and nibbled on a handful. Thought about my writing WIP (work in progress).

Refreshed, I needed to complete my job. I gathered the cut branches and set up a deer fence to block the herd’s present route through our yard.

Went into house to make my second pot of green tea. Grabbed another handful of jelly beans (they’re so tiny) and looked at my guitar lounging on the couch.

Scrolled down FaceBook, replying to or liking several posts. Checked my email again, with the open bag of jelly beans next to me. Replied to my friend in Texas about her upcoming heart surgery, and sent a note of encouragement to a writing friend about her change in direction from writing novels to scripts for her church. And, replied to a prospective agent, requesting my first 50 pages of a new novel. Yay.

Thought more about writing. Checked a Goodreads writing contest. Last month I won first place. Yay.

Hubby passed by and asked if I wanted some healthy soup, but my tummy was full of beans. Drank more healthy green tea.

Still sunny out. Hubby still working in.

I opened a jar of super sticky gunk to put on pieces of cardboard to hang in my apple trees, intending to trap those tricky hungry insects. I am determined not let them get the better of my trees this year!

Carefully opened doors with my pinky fingers to get into house. Rubbed soap over my hands, but only succeeded in spreading the gunk. Rubbing alcohol? Didn’t work. Rags? Sort of got the bulk off. Then went about house rubbing gunk off from door and cabinet handles, faucets and containers, hoping I’d removed enough so hubby wouldn’t stick to the handles as he passed through.

Finished off the bag of tiny jelly beans.

Thought more about writing, but sticky gunk on keyboard = not such a good plan. Playing guitar not such a good idea, either.

Made healthy hamburger helper from scratch. Gunk wearing off my hands as I spread it around.

Went to an informative 2-hour meeting on the Food Bank serving an 8 county area.

Home to watch a few minutes of a K drama with Korean speech and English subtitles. It’s a very, very, very addicting show. It has great character and plot. Good writing research. Found some more half price Easter candy I was hiding. Hubby found me to watch a crime show together – where the good guys win! Yay. We like that.

Walked the house for 17 minutes before bed, thinking of all I did today…and knowing that the following day, with the forecast of cloudy and rain, and with power back at hubby’s work, it would be a great day for me to write.

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