I have a book getting published in March. I just remembered that today. Oh, silly me. I was just so relieved that the editing and publication process is finally over and done with that I let my mind get all mushy about other things. (Although I have a right to blame some of that mush on being sick with a lingering cold. <cough, sniffle>)


I have spoken at two conferences about how to market and promote your book. I have pages of suggestions to fellow writers about what they can do in these areas. Now it’s time to remember what I should do and start marketing already. I should have started months before this.

Today I’ve been working on an overall strategy, my target areas,  a press release, and a few more specific ideas.

To add to my complications, I’m in the revision process of another book. I resisted, though, and only spent about 90 minutes this morning on a gotta-do-this-now bit of revision. I need to have an undivided mind. Marketing…marketing…marketing…again.

BTW, my March book is a mid-grade (4th grade) reader, a time travel with a paraplegic boy. It is family oriented with genealogy research tossed in the mix, and takes place on one of Michigan’s island gems. The Powder Horn of Mackinac Island will be available March 3.

On to do some marketing planning.


4 thoughts on “Marketing…Again

  1. I have read an early version of this book. You’ve had this one for a couple years. I liked it then and I’m sure to love the revised book. I’ll watch for it on March 3rd. Maybe you better put it on Facebook so that I’ll have a reminder. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, Sharon. Yes, you saw chapters of this story a while ago. Thanks for your encouragement and optimism through it all. I’m excited about the end result. I’ll be sure to put it on FB. (And I really like your new picture. Nice.)

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