National Parks Birthday – 100 this month! (Mount Rushmore National Memorial)

Back in March I mentioned in a blog post the up-coming National Parks’ 100th birthday on August 25 (only three days away now). I showed a photo of Stu in front of Mount Rushmore. We lived about thirty minutes from there for about ten years. The scenery and wildlife of the Black Hills of South Dakota is stunning.

History: Many years ago a tourist was horseback riding in the Hills and asked his guide the name of “that mountain.” The guide said it didn’t have a name, so the tourist named it after himself. Fast forward a few decades and a visionary sculpture, Gutzon Borglum, saw faces in the bare cliffs. He designed and started the long process of creating the four US presidents seen today on Mount Rushmore. Can you name the four presidents? One had to be started over during the carving. And the original design was to be full busts, not just faces.



2 thoughts on “National Parks Birthday – 100 this month! (Mount Rushmore National Memorial)

  1. Interesting information. I was in awe of this mountain and all the work necessary to even begin the project. What a job! Beautiful area.I am enjoying your features of the national parks. What is the story of the bunny in the pics? I’ve been crowing about the national park birthday too on my blog. Pop on over if you get a chance.

    • I am too embarrassed, Janet. I honestly thought I’d clicked to follow you before. I was anticipating your Nat’l Pks updates. I didn’t think much about it because I know you don’t post weekly, usually. I am now following! (Yay.) I enjoyed your tour of the South Rim, and the photos of Petrified Forest. I’ve been to both, but not with Stu
      You asked what the story was with the bunny. I originally thought (15 years ago or so) to make a PB of each National Park with Stu. I literally have thousands of photos with him in various locations. However, there was no interest with traditional publishers, even when I made a story arch with his missing hat for one park. So…now I celebrate the birthday celebration with shots of Stu here this month on my blog. Thanks for following.

      (Two days till the BIG birthday celebration.)

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