Humor Writing, and a Challenge

Yesterday I attended a workshop on humor writing. I learned new things, practiced new things, came away with new things. It was all good, because, y’know: new things.

I’ve taught humor writing workshops to middle grade and high school kids. Back then, I explained just twelve types of humor (examples and props included) and allowed writing and sharing time – all within one hour. Yesterday’s workshop leader gave us three humor points, with examples, and then our own writing and sharing times – all within two hours. And now I’m spending even more hours processing it all.

I like to sprinkle humor into my writing. It’s rarely a LOL or ROFL type of funny, and it’s not even in every chapter. But I know I’ve been subtly suggestive with some lightness when my Canadian on-line critique partner comments on a humorous line when none of my US critique partners do.

There is some humor I find disgusting and not at all funny, like bathroom humor or when people get injured, even though I know writers make lots of money feeding readers with these types of humor.

Everyone has a different funny bone. My writing challenge for you this week is to find three examples in literature which have tickled your own funny bone. Write a scene or paragraph using a similar humor, but twisted to be your own characters and own settings.

Merry writing.

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