Summer Solstice – Merging of Opposite Characters

I love the Summer Solstice. Full moon. Longest day(light) of the year. It makes me feel happy and dance-y. I also feel the opposite, for I get sad knowing from this point until late December, the day(light) will become less and less.

I love the light. In fact, I told that very thing to my husband at supper yesterday. He stared at me in disbelief and replied, “No, you don’t.” As if someone else (even someone I’ve been married to for nearly four decades) can tell me what I do or don’t like. Thing is, we were both right. Still, I couldn’t help thinking that even after nearly four decades, we still have this communication problem. Like the old married couple who went in for counseling and the counselor asking the husband, “Do you have a grudge?” and the man answered, “Yes…a two-car one attached to the house.” The counselor then turned to the woman and asked softly, “Does he beat you up?” the wife answered, “No…I’m usually the early riser every morning.” After a few more questions, the flustered counselor asked them both, “So why have you come to see me?” “We just don’t seem to be able to communicate,” they answered.

In our own marital case, last evening as the sun was high during our supper hour, my husband’s view of me not liking light came from me turning off the ceiling light in the dining room, where I was thinking of how bright it was outside, just like mid-day. Electrical lights – blah. Natural light – yay.  Communication – eh.

So like on a summer solstice, when opposites come together, let your character’s voice be strong, and sometimes maybe her words not be expressed exactly like how her opposite hears them.

Happy writing.

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