Competent Businesswoman v.s.Fool

There are many times in this writing and publishing business I feel like a competent businesswoman. After all, I write and publish, started my own company, created my own social media platform, and do my own taxes – none of which I ever dreamed I was capable of doing myself, say, even ten years ago. So here I am, tooling away, feeling good and competent, and then one tired morning when I’m far from my mental best, I morph from competent businesswoman to fool.

PayPal is a lovely way of making and receiving transactions. So on that tired morning a couple weeks ago, when I received an email from PayPal that someone has made unauthorized use of my account, I clicked the link. (Note: Competent Businesswoman would have hit the spam button followed with a “Ha!”.) Consequently, after I’d typed in my password and answered two security questions, I still could not get  into my account. Why? Because I was a fool! I’d just given away my PW and security answers to a hacker-spammer.

Just today I had an email of an automatic payment from my PayPal account made to Photobucket for a couple hundred dollars. At least I wasn’t fool enough this time to click the “cancel form” button. I don’t think any money changed hands.

Ah, where is that Competent Businesswoman who will sort this all out in an hour or two?

Warning to all writers: be competent and sure of yourself!

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