Never. Stop. Learning.

I’m paying someone in NY to critique/edit one of my stories. Nancy is worth every single penny! She edited one of my other stories a couple years ago. She knows lots about horses and Medieval attire and vocabulary than I do. I appreciate that. She also spots some very basic writer errors to correct.

I mean, I think I’m a good writer. I know I’ve improved lots since I began this journey. I’ve been going to writers conferences, taking classes, and reading books on the craft of writing, as well as attending webinars, being in critique groups, etc, for the past three decades.  In fact, I’m going to two writers conferences later this month. You’d think some of it would stick!

I know knowledge does penetrate…some. However, there are days…like when I look over a few pages Nancy has edited, and right there she comments “show, don’t tell.” (At least it’s only once in the 42K book. Still!) I slam my head to the desk and go into a fit of depression wondering when I’ll ever be perfect.

I guess that’s the point: It’s a sweet, but unrealistic goal; I’ll never be perfect. I’ll also never give up. I’ll keep listening to others (like Nancy). I’ll keep going to conferences, keeping reading about and learning the craft. I’ll keep improving, and Never. Stop. Learning.

I wish the same for each of you.

Keeping on writing and keep on learning.

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