Revise as you Write or Finish the WIP?

At 47K, I’m more than 3/4 of the way through my “first draft” of my WIP, War Unicorn, Book 3. I feel a bit stymied as it has now become a rather complicated story and I want to write on several places. I found that I needed to delete a character from several chapters in order to make her entrance more dramatic and essential to the plot line. I was also writing the middle, the climax and the ending all at once as new ideas and situations threw themselves into my mind. then there was the rearranging chapters and sequence of events. These are all revision techniques. But like I say, I’m only 3/4 of the way through the story.

Usually I’m a pantster – I write without any detailed outline, although I usually know the ending before I start with the beginning.

Some writer friends say to revise as you write. Others say finish the manuscript and then go back to rewrite or revise. Both methods are…okay. I guess.

At the moment I feel as though I have this delicious-looking stew which is just about done cooking, but then I decide to transfer it to another location, and I trip. The stew flies all over the floor and walls and furniture. (Well…thus ends the analogy, for I’d never scrape food off a floor to put back into a pot. Ew.)

My point is, I see the need to gather the pieces of my story to put them back together in a more logical way. But if I just would have left that pot on the stove and finished it there, then fixed it to taste better…Or perhaps it would be best to scrape it all into the trash and start over (rewrite)?

Looking over how-to-revise notes and books is NOT helpful. That actually gets me into even more trouble, adding bigger complications.

Finish the WIP first draft? Revise as you go? Revise after the first draft? Rewrite? So many options. I don’t know about your own  WIPs, but mine needs some serious attention right now, so whichever method works best for you, I suggest that’s the one to go with. (IMHO) Just keep on writing!

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