National Parks Birthday Coming This Summer


On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turns 100.

In college I was an armchair traveler as I took a course on the geology of our National Parks. I then decided I wanted to do more than just read about the land and see slides of all these places. I wanted to visit them. My original family wasn’t much for traveling for pleasure. One spring we went to Washington DC. That was about as close as we came to national parks although we did spend time outside, down on the farm and out boating on Lake Erie.

For the past nearly 40 years, we Carlsons have enjoyed many of our wonderful and varied US National Parks through the years.

When we lived in SD, I made a stuffed bunny to take to national parks to photograph for a book. The book(s) never happened, but blogging has. Although I have about 100 shots at each park, you shall now be the recipient of some of these National Park/Memorial/Seashores images with Stu the Rabbit.

Stu at Mt RushmoreStu at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

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