Short Synopsis v.s. Book Trailer

An author friend whom I’ve never met other than online, Kevin Hopson, offered to make me a book trailer for War Unicorn (tween fantasy with MuseItYoung). Having made a book trailer of my own for The Town That Disappeared— which took me four months to create — I do realize some of the ins and outs of trailer making. It’s hard! And time-consuming.

War Unicorn 200x300

Kevin asked for a synopsis of my book. Instead, I thought in terms of a book trailer. After all, they are related, with climax and conclusion left out of the trailer words, naturally.

I imagined the one-second flashes of frames with epic music in the background, and then wrote my 25-word synopsis for him. Easy-peasy.

I was concerned that with two books done since then and being in the middle of a third, I might not get the essence of the story. But thinking short synopsis in terms of a book trailer really helped me highlight the points of the hook and the action.

Now I wait. Good luck, my friend.

While you wait for the War Unicorn trailer, you can check out more of Kevin’s work at

Writing Challenge: You could try writing out the 25 words making up the essence of your own stories.

4 thoughts on “Short Synopsis v.s. Book Trailer

  1. Kevin deserves recognition for his generosity to authors. I like making trailers, but haven’t done it for my latest mystery, Deadly Undertaking. Guess that’ll be a New Year goal. Happy New Year!

    • I totally agree with you, Janet. Kevin is generous, and I plan on doing more shouting out of/for him soon.
      You LIKE making trailers?! Good for you. I find them hard-hard-hard and time-consuming, but love the end results. I think I must go check out your webpage to see if you have any trailers up…and I did it – for Sunshine Boulevard. So…more, please.

      • Uh-oh, Sandy. I don’t think I have my trailers permanently on my website. I’ll have to fix that. I do have a youtube channel with them Search youtube for jqrose. I have lots of other videos on there too. They’re not too professional, but I’m learning.

  2. Searching your posts, I found the Sunshine Boulevard one. Now I’ll have to go back and look for your youtube channel. Keep up the good work.

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