Writing When You Don’t Wanna

This week I signed up with Book-in-a-Week to force me to be accountable to others about writing on my WIP. Each writer sends a page-goal for the week, and then every night participants report how many pages they’ve written, culminating on Sunday night with the total pages for the week.  Sometimes, without others saying, “How’s the writing going?” I can be quite lazy or find about anything else to write about or think about or do than work on my WIP. Even though I’ve not met any fellow BIWers face-to-face, it’s still a nice push to hold me accountable to produce something this week, or make me feel guilty if I didn’t reach my goal.

Mind you, some writing days flow like warm, sweet honey, during which I can crank out 2,000 words in a day with no problems. And then there are other days (like today) when getting 250 words, or one page, completed is a struggle. It’s not like I’m stuck in a plot problem. It’s not like I don’t know where the novel is going or what’s going to happen. I just don’t wanna work on it.

I suppose writing is a lot like dieting. Instead of losing pounds, you’re trying to gain word count. Dieters may put signs on refrigerators or keep written track of every single calorie intake. Writers also may put signs up, like sticky notes on computer screens or at the breakfast table. We can also record every single word written in one day to mark the progress.

Whatever method works for you — having other writers give you a push, putting up reminders for, or anything else — just write! So quit reading this, and guess what you’re supposed to be doing now?

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