Happy 2015! New Year’s Goals

I stopped making resolutions years ago. Now I make goals. That way I don’t break them, I just may not reach them. It seems gentler.

This year I plan on revising two MG stories I wrote about 20 years ago and either subbing traditionally or self-publishing. For my Raw Writing (first drafts), I’d like to write more on the collaborative fantasy I’m writing with my son as well as the sequel to WAR UNICORN and work on another MG historical fiction. I also need to learn more about marketing and promotion. I’ve learned a lot these past two years, a whole lot, but it’s just a smidgen of what I should know.

Are these big goals to reach for 2015? You betcha. Will I make them? Find out in December. I write them here to make myself accountable. Thank you for holding me accountable.

Your turn. What are your 2015 Writing Goals?

10 thoughts on “Happy 2015! New Year’s Goals

    • Lofty, Sharon? More like hopeful. Yay for you for trying a screenplay. That has always been my dream. I’ve written many skits, but a full play? Wow. You rock!

  1. If I can be of any small help, please let me know. Your talents would certainly be helpful for our new “Battle Creek Books” downtown store! 269-339-1877

    • I see it less brave and more accountable. I, too, have a list of other goals I hope to reach in the next 12 months. Your goal of subbing and getting a contract is HUGE. Good luck to you!

    • Dear crystal ball reader Ann, thanks for your words of confidence. Looking into my own crystal ball…I see snow. No wait. That’s my window and the present. Good luck with your own goals.

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