Checklist for Bookstore Book Signing

Especially if you haven’t been to the store before, it’s always helpful to be prepared to help sell your books. That’s why you’re there. I have a checklist of things to bring. I also use this for library signings. Please adapt this list to your own signings needs.

Before the Signing

* Do your own bit of advertising of the event on Twitter, FaceBook, other social media, newsletter, friends, etc. Grab the store’s link and tweet that.

The Basics

* Professional-looking outfit

* Extra copies of my books (even if the store says they have some, that may mean 3)

* Two pens

* Business cards or other swag to physically hand out to “lookers”

* Table cloth

* A candy dish…filled with candy, of course

* Water bottle

* Smile

(Hint: If you bring your iPhone, which I do, try not to look at it unless absolutely necessary. You’re there for potential customers/fans. They didn’t come to see the top of your head.)


* Dress in costume for the holiday or festival theme

* A prop or two for the table (if there’s room) which would have something to do with your story

If you are selling the books yourself (e.g., an Authorpalooza at a library), you may also need to take

* Money for change and a “Square” for taking credit cards

After the Event

* Write a thank you letter or email to the people who invited you.

Tomorrow (Saturday, December 6) I’ll be doing a book signing along with several other authors. We’ll rather tag-team all day, from 11-4 at Kzoo Books on Parkview Ave in Kalamazoo, MI. I’ll be there from 11-12:30, during the “Children’s Authors” time, but there are other genres and age groups coming all day. If you’re in the area…you know what to do!

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