More Marketing Tips for Authors — Communication with your Readers

So you’ve written a book. Me, too. What now?

Last year, I took half a year off of writing to learn about marketing and promoting. Nearly every day I spend some time in marketing. Now you get to glean some of what I learned.

In March I posted my top four marketing tips here:

Elaborating on communication with your readers…

There are two major forms of communication today: Online or with Paper.

Online: Website

As listed last month, having a website is vital. People will want to check you out. No need to be shy about this. You wrote it; people read it; they want more. Your website doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive.  There are several free sites, like Wordpress or Weebly, which are not too difficult to figure out, or you could invest in a designer. As far as content, keep it simple and easy for your fans to locate information. The minimum in an author website is an About Me page (author bio) and your published book or books (a separate book page with covers and links to order) and an email contact. Beyond that you could add a blog, or a calendar of events, or contest page. Look over other websites and see what you would like to have on your own website. Never think this is a one-time project. You will find it needs plenty of attention and updating.

Online: Blog

A blog is another social media means of communication. I’ve read suggestions of posting 1-3 times per week. Chose your theme, be it author interviews, book reviews, literacy, writing tips for kids, writing challenges for adults, squirrel sightings, etc. You could also team up with other bloggers to do interviews or giveaways.

Online: Reader Groups, Forums, BlueBoards, and Listservs

You could participate in reader groups, like GoodReads or LibraryThing, posting your author page, doing giveaways, or writing other book reviews. In , getting involved in discussions.

Online: Other Social Media

Other social media means of communication are Twitter, Facebook, instagram, pinterest, YouTube, Vemio, etc. The list is growing.

(Before you’re too overwhelmed, I would like to take a moment to encourage you to start one of these social media venues at a time. Use it and get used to it before expanding to another one.)

During book signings or author presentations, even if someone doesn’t buy your book, they can walk away with something of you in their hands. Most of these need little to no explanation.

Paper: Business Cards

Again, look around at what others have done or see what is available online. Minimal information on the card would be your website addy and your book cover.

Paper: Bookmarks

Similar to information on your business card, except these would be long and narrow.

Paper: Flyer

This is a one-page summary with a short author bio, short synopsis of your book or books, how to reach author you, and how to buy your books. Colors stand out.

There is so much more, both with online communication and paper communication, and each of the bolded titles could have an entire post to itself, but then I’d be writing a book v.s. blogging.

I wish you each well in your reader communications.



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