Good Samaritan Recipient

Coming home from church, my 20-year-old car stopped working at an intersection. First, a couple in their 30’s and jeans and sweatshirts stopped to help. Thank you, you two strangers. Very soon a thin man in his 40’s with bad teeth came over along with his eye-brow-pierced son. The elder was a mechanic and immediately spotted my detached coil pack which had arched, but not (yet) started a fire. The kind original couple who had stopped left with my thanks. Mechanic Man sent his son into nearby Walgreens to buy some electrical tape. I only had credit cards with me. When I started to follow the son into the store, his father waved the idea of payment away. He offered to push or follow me to my car-repair place, but I had groceries (including meat) sitting in the car and only lived a mile away. I figured I’d have a tow truck take it in on Monday since the car-place was closed on Sundays.

As Mechanic Man and I waited for the tape, we talked in front of my car. He told me how he was now 14 years clean from being a drug addict. I told him how hard it must have been to get away from that life and how I admired his strength. He responded, “It was easy. I just had to drive a wedge between me and everyone I knew.” But I knew that couldn’t have really been the least bit easy.

Then a police car pulled up behind my dead vehicle. I wasn’t sure if getting stalled on a street was breaking the law or not. I am so ignorant in so many areas. A man younger than my own sons climbed out. I wanted to tell the officer how much I appreciated all he did, and silently prayed for his safety in bad situations he may encounter in the future of his chosen career. He stayed with us until my patched-up car started.

Mechanic Man and Eyebrow Son followed me home. The elder then checked under the hood one last time to make sure the electrical tape hadn’t caught fire before he left with only my meager thanks.

The whole idea of Samaritans being good was shocking 2,000 years ago. They were society’s outcasts. A former drug addict in grubby bibs and bad teeth? Yep. Modern day Samaritan. Thank you for caring, kind Mechanic Man.

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