Eureka! Whole Plot Threads

One of my critique partners, Rose Green, recently wrote, “I still need to do a major rewrite of this (story) because there are whole plot threads that haven’t been woven in properly.”

My first response was, “EXACTLY!” Only, I didn’t get that Eureka moment referring to her work, but of my own. I have two (more like five) novels completed through the rough drafts and several revisions and even through critique groups. Although I like the story/stories and the characters, I am still dissatisfied with them. I couldn’t figure out why I felt this way until Rose wrote this about her own WIP.

I’ve participated in whole-novel critiques, and read books on how to do it, and even taken a whole novel revision workshop. I think my problem has been that I can hit the ball and know the rules of the game, but I haven’t been as concerned with the follow-through.

Whole Plot Threads. Woven In Properly.

So now I’ll take my shrunken manuscript (wave to Darcy Pattison) and lay it, thinking how to weave in the whole plot.

Perhaps this was an eureka moment for someone reading this as well.

(Thank you, Rose.)

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