1950’s Trading Cards

I’m posting today about a girl’s game played in the 1950’s in northern Ohio. (Although this is about 100 years later than the time period in which I love to write, all history is fascinating to me no matter what the age.)

This particular “game” was for girls and was Trading Cards. You could buy a pack of cards, similar to a Bicycle playing deck (for adults) or baseball cards (for boys). Each card had a different picture on it and was blank on the back. You could get a deck of birds or of European buildings or of landscapes, etc. Often there were two or three images which were doubled or ones you didn’t like as much, and then you would trade these with other girls for cards you didn’t have. It was like carrying around your own little art museum or outdoor park.

Has anyone reading this heard of trading cards?

7 thoughts on “1950’s Trading Cards

  1. Yes, when I was growing up in the 50’s I collected trading cards. There were all sorts of cards, some with animals, flowers, etc but the ones that stick out in my mind were the ones of beautiful young women dressed in some sort of theme outfit done in a sort of pinup style. We traded the cards with our friends to accumulate as many designs as possible.

  2. Yes we traded cards in California. My favourites were white and grey kittens that had pink or blue backgrounds. We kept them in a shoe box. Fond memories.

  3. Oh yes. I had over 700 of them. We traded for doubles in different colors, sets of animals etc. My mother threw them away. I have been looking to replace them or at least learn more about them. I lived in the Cleveland Ohio area.

  4. Yes! I wish I had all of those cards now. We’d sit on the playground at recess and trade the cards we had doubles of, or didn’t want, for something else. Mostly they were dogs and cats, (usually puppies and kittens) on flat blue or pink backgrounds. Not great art, but something about them made them so appealing. I was just now trying to find some, but am not having much luck. If you know where I can get some, please let me know. annaperry123@comcast.net.

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