Reason #7 for Self-Publishing — Um

And my final post in this series, reason #7 for self-publishing, is… oh, fiddlesticks. I just had it. Um…Give me a moment, please. Oh, yeah: memory loss.

I believe I can deal with lots of normal old age junk, like my eyes taking thirty minutes longer to wake than other body parts, or my knees informing me when a storm is coming in, or my ears failing to pick up each and every word. (I mean, how important is Each. And. Every. Word?) But losing my keys… no, wait. I meant, losing my books. Rats! What’s the word? Oh, yeah. Losing my mind would really be the pits.

HOPEFULLY, I will be physically and mentally fine for many decades to come. But just in case I become old, old, old soon, soon, soon, I’ll self-publish my stories (until I get a better offer, that is).

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