Reason # 6 for Self-Publishing — Acceptance in the Literary Community

Reason # 6 I have for deciding to self-publish is that there is more acceptance in the literary community today for self-publishing v.s. even two years ago. This change may have come about by best-selling authors stretching out their publishing muscles and self-publishing. Although I do know some best-selling authors who seriously need an editor (e.g., an editor friend informed me when her author decided to publish without her input and how bad it was written without her).

Then there are still the horrid writers and topics at which I cringe with self-published books, or have no story in their stories. But that is them. I am me. I strive to be the best author I can be, constantly learning and growing and changing and becoming better each year. Will you find errors or typos in my books. Absolutely not… well, maybe. But without a copy editor, I’m working on there being nothing which needs to be changed for my story to be a good story.

Would I go with a traditional editor/publisher? In a heartbeat. Well, in a heartbeat after making sure we are good fits for each other. I certainly would not jump at the first editor who mentioned the C word (contract), and know it would take another 2-4 years before I’d see the book in print. But to have my stories combed through by someone who does that for a living, yes, that would be lovely. It would be awesome to focus merely on writing and revisions instead of the other twelve jobs associated with self-publishing.

In the meantime, I’m thankful for the growing acceptance in the literary community for well-written self-published books.

One thought on “Reason # 6 for Self-Publishing — Acceptance in the Literary Community

  1. I’m enjoying reading this series of yours.
    BTW, even the traditional publishers now only promote their big, famous clients.
    All those jobs you’re doing now – you’ll still be doing them even with a contract from a traditional publisher…sigh.
    At least you’ll be good at it.

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