Climbing Mount Baldy… Today

On Top of Mt. Baldy

When I started the climb up Mout Baldhead in Saugatuck, Michigan, today, I was totally surprised with how out of breath I got going up the steps. Usually I only stop once or twice in order to catch my breath. Today, I took four extended breaks, thankful that I was alone so no one could witness my pitiful upward trek. I blamed it on my lax winter activities. Even with reasonable excuses, this need for extra rest upset me… until… on my way down a bit later, I passed two groups of people going up and noticed that each of them, too, struggled and often stopped for extended rests, even more and longer than I had. And considering I am quite a bit older than any of the other climbers (and, no one in the other groups was younger than an older teen), it all gave me pause.

My wonderment and reason came together as I considered it all. At last I decided on the cause of my/our panting: lack of oxygen! There were no leaves on the trees, and not even a pine tree offering its needles for oxygen. So, I concluded that I was not an old foggy, that I was not out of shape; I just needed air.

(That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

3 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Baldy… Today

  1. We climbed the Warren Dunes a couple weeks ago. Our colt-like younger companions raced ahead and took on more and more mountains while we older workhorses plodded on, as if wearing blinders, hoping to just get to the top of the hill before collapsing. It’s been a little while since I felt that out of shape.
    For me it’s like writing a book, at least at the early stages. It’s hard for me to get a first draft onto paper. After that, it’s all downhill.
    Onward and upward, Sandy!

    • Climbing “raw” dunes (i.e., just the sand and no steps) is HARD work. I always feel I take two steps back and one forward. Warren Dunes is an excellent place to visit.

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