When’s your next book coming out?

One question several people ask me is, “So, when is your next book coming out?”

I should just answer, “Why, thank you. This summer.” But I don’t.

When I explain that it took eight years for his particular story (THE TOWN THAT DISAPPEARED), from story seed to publication, the asker usually pops open his or her eyes. When I explain that for the past thirty years I’ve been learning the craft of writing by reading books, participating in critique groups, attending writers conferences, joining writing organizations and listservs, taking classes, etc., their look changes to, “I’m sorry I even asked.” But masochist that I am — I mean, teacher that I am — and wanting non-writers to realize what all goes into becoming a good writer and a published author, I continue on that as a self-published author, I must also do all the marketing, promotions and publications. By this point their eyes are glazed over, staring over my shoulder at something in a tree behind me.

Short answer: This coming summer!

2 thoughts on “When’s your next book coming out?

  1. Thanks, Natalie. If by header you mean the photograph, then know that it is a view of the pilings from the old north pier at the original mouth of the Kalamazoo River into Lake Michigan, which is mentioned in my book. In the background of this photo, you can see the “new” channel, built in 1906.

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