Hurricane Sandy and Me

Since storms started getting names besides “the big one of ’32” or the like, I always thought it would be cool to have a storm named after me. But with my first initial so far down the alphabet, and the storm season usually running out before they reach the S’s, I held out little hope. Until now: Hurricane Sandy. Yay. It’s just the beginning of her landfall today. I would have preferred just a small tropical storm which didn’t do any damage, but the reports are starting to come in.

I am very sad to hear today’s news about the sinking of the HMS Bounty’s. I had the opportunity to walk her deck when she was moored in Cleveland, Ohio, for a tall ships race several years ago. Worst of all is the tragic loss of life, or at least as of this writing, the report of two missing crew members. Secondly is the loss of history. Not being a book-reader as a child, I did read true adventure stories, so I loved the book. I loved most of all the truth behind the book (and movie) which did not make it into either one. The news of her sinking is as if a part of me killed off a part of me. I really hope HS doesn’t do much more damage.

You’d think so far inland like we are, that we wouldn’t be affected by sea storms. Not so. When the clouds of Hurricane Ike headed north from the Gulf, it rained on us here in Michigan for four straight days and nights and our house developed leaks in many rooms. Two new roofs later (counting the second one from our 110 mph storm seventeen months ago which sent trees into our house), our current area forecast resulting from Hurricane Sandy way over here is to expect 55 mph gusts and snow by morning. Whatever did we do without forecasts? Actually, the answer to that is a lot less worrying about what may or may not happen, plus the facts that lots of unwarned people died and lots of property was lost.

Well, I’m filling up the tub of water for tonight for the possible electrical outage related to Sandy. I always have a dozen water jugs filled in the garage. For, if our power goes out, so does the pump to our water. It’s amazing how essential water is to our daily living. I have my storm bag packed up and in the basement. We’re keeping the heat on overnight at 68 degrees. Usually we have it at 62, but if there is snow and no power, our poor house and its inhabitants will stay warm for a bit longer tomorrow. I’d rake more of our yard before the snow turns the leaves to near-cement consistency, but with the wind a’blowin’ the way it is, I don’t see the use.  Hopefully, all this preparation will be for naught. Still, I pray for the safety of people in the wide path of Hurricane Sandy.

However, in my fictional stories, none of this preparation or worry about what might happen ever goes to waste. It’s only more storm experience to add to the trouble I can put my poor characters into. So, if you, too, are affected by this storm, batten down the hatches and make sure you put into your storm bag those old-fashioned writing tools of pen and pencil and paper.

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