Random Acts of Publicity 2012

I’m joining in once again on Darcy Pattison’s week of Random Acts of Publicity (And please take note the names of my favorite author-friends on the right bar.)

I realize the purpose of RAP is to promote other writers’ books and increase their sales. I merely want people to be aware of a little known tale.

The book I want to post about this time is about ten years old, although the tale is hundreds of years old. When an elderly librarian handed me a copy of TWO OLD WOMEN by Velma Wallis, and told me I’d like it, I was insulted. What? Did she think I was old or something? No about me; yes to her recommendation. Although it’s not a gripping title, it’s an appropriate one. The story is an Alaskan Athabaskan legend about two women, Sa’ (75) and Ch’idzigyaak (80), who were abandoned one starving winter by their nomad tribe, and the women’s struggle to survive on their own.

I love the story. At each reading, I get more depth from it. Having worked with Native Americans, I also detected a subtle but familiar cultural feel, which I suspect many non-Indian readers might miss.

Did I say TWO OLD WOMEN was a little-known story? It is called a word-of-mouth bestseller, with over 1.5 million copies sold, and translated into 17 languages. Perhaps not so little-known. I give it a thumbs-up good read.

P.S. I wrote this post earlier this week, getting it ready to sub today. Low and behold, if Darcy herself didn’t post today about the importance of WOM — Word of Mouth — for promoting books. It works.

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Publicity 2012

  1. Great, Ruth. But regardless of it’s title, it’s an important message ESPECIALLY for younger generations. The oldsters already know this.

    I’m thinking the title out to be ALASKAN SERVIVAL or IMPORTANCE OF FORGIVENESS or merely ABANDONED. The title is besides the point.

    All that said, THANKS. I hope your mom and you and your kiddos will like it.

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