Caaaa-rack! Power’s Out

I heard the crack and instinctively rolled over in bed to check the time on my clock — an electrical clock, of course — which stared blankly back at me. I slipped on some clothes and wandered outside to discover a toppled tree across the street, dead from Memorial Weekend’s storm 14 months ago.  Yay for charged cell phones. I made the 6:45 a.m. call, and three hours later we were up and running with power. While the men were there, I pointed out another dead tree on city property, on our lawn, also from the storm, also called in over a year ago, and with branches around electrical wires. We’re not looking forward to, but expecting, another outage one of these days. Such is modern life in these parts.

Last week my husband’s place of work, and square mile thereabouts, was without power for several hours. Blame that one on a fried squirrel. Yesterday while we were voting, they asked if we had power because their power had gone out earlier causing them to “hand-enter the ballots the old-fashioned way,” Loretta, my 80-year-old neighbor, informed me.

Electrical power. We are so dependant on it. Not only was the computer and microwave down, and I didn’t want to open the fridge for milk, which I suddenly craved, but  we had no water. Our house is on well water and so depends on electricity to run the pump. (No showering for a while. Get out the bottled water and bowls for washing up.) Oh, yes, we also have out-of-state company now. So I put signs on both our toilets for when people awoke: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down,” and left a gallon water jug on the counter for refilling the tank.  BTW, that little rhyme came from my husband’s side. My own family’s rhyme of similar sentiment is a bit more crass.

So I’m out in front of our house about 8:00, chatting with a couple neighbors as the energy trucks pull up. I bid them farewell to walk the mile to Walgreens for a birthday card. Besides good exercise, I’d be away from the buzzing of saws and beeping of trucks backing up and me fidgeting, wondering whenever were they going to be done, already? Neighbor Mark’s parting words to me were, “Gotta go water the garden.” Living just across the street, they not only have city water, but the fallen tree didn’t affect power to their house. Way to flaunt what you’ve got, Mark-o! I can’t complain too loudly, though, because during the big storm, he allowed us to fill gallon jugs with water from their city-water spiket for the six days we all were without power.

Temperature’s rising. Should only get to the upper 80’s today. Not too-too bad. I used to think that was hot until this summer drifted in with temps over 100. But if it does get I-don’t-wanna-move-’cause-I’m-so-warm, now we can actually turn on our yay-we’ve-got-electricity air conditioning later today.

Stay cool.

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