Wet Burning Wool Smell — Sensory Writing

DIL showed me felted wool balls she’d made to use instead of dryer sheets. (Yay for chemical freeing!) So I made some for me. They fell apart. I felted them by boiling them, which made the house smell like a sheep barn for hours, but final success. They work awesomely! I then decided a few months later to make some for single son in distant state. I wound the tight balls, put them into water in a pot on the stove, turned it on high, and went into the den to write…

Ah, distractions.

Some time later, I left the den to smell a smell I hadn’t smelled in decades — burning wet wool. THE DRYER BALLS!

The smell, though, it reminded me of being a kid on a winter weekend, and coming in from sledding and ice skating to put our mittens on the radiator to dry, and … burning wet wool smell.

You ought to try it sometime. Not really. But I do encourage you to describe those vivid smells in your stories.

Now go write.

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