The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and Other Awesome Characters

Two old siblings I know have taken to blotting out people they don’t like, whether they be acquaintances, long time friends, or even family members. With any slight (even if unintentional by others or merely perceived by them), like characters they’ve drawn with white board markers, they erase individuals around them whom they don’t like. More threatening yet, if these erased ones are mentioned in the siblings’ presence,… Look out! Their white board erasers will linger over their sketch of you!

1) These siblings are very scary, controlling, and lonely people.

2) Life is made up of the good guys, the bad guys, ugly personalities, and a whole array of other awesome characters we writers can’t ignore, for if we do, our stories threaten to be mundane and boring.

3) What an interesting fictional character these two would make. Of course, to avoid any paranoid legal ramifications (even if merely perceived by them), one would have to make them one person — two would be redundant — and change their age, gender, race, weight, religion… oh, heck. Make them aliens! And, since trouble is an author’s primary goal for her main character, bring in those hurtful, mean, controlling folk and let them have their way with your MC. My sympathy is already going out to your own MC.

Happy writing!

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