Storm Anniversary Post, Third of Three

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The worst part of a catastrophe is the people element — tragic injuries and deaths associated with the storm, and the slick, greedy folk coming into hard struck areas with their lying lips and stealing hands.

The best part of a catastrophe is the people element — neighbors coming together, family and friends near and far offering to help and asking about our welfare (material and emotional) months after the damage.

Lessons from my storm: Things can be replaced. Even if a house is swept off its foundation, even if sentimental or prized furniture is burned or broken, a catastrophe forces people to think about priorities. Playing the blame game is never helpful. Do what you can with what you are given. Cling to those things which are important — life, purpose, family, friends, neighbors. Make whatever you do count. Life is short and can have unexpected surprises. How will you act or react? Where do you find your strength to carry you though the bad times as well as the good? Where do you seek your purpose to reach out to fellow humans? Seek and find.


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